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Date of publication: 2017-08-21 08:04

Plus, people would naturally feel less intimidated using the application(s) that they are already familiar with (even though it would require them to take more steps to produce the same result).

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Please note that even though the image is bigger than the canvas, PowerPoint will only show the part that stays within the boundary of the canvas. So always refer to the thumbnail on the left.

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In the terms of web presence, the first thing that people will see on your website is the header. So if you want your web page to give a good impression, you should create a nice header image. It is like a handshake and will tell the visitor about your personal quality.

How to Create a Website Header Image Using PowerPoint

Powerpoint is not a graphics application and does not allow you to save the files correctly for the web. Not to mention your tutorial is incorrect. When you save out the image, you should NOT be saving at 855DPI, but by size at 77DPI.

By the way I use Fireworks and Gimp just confused the heck out of me I have given it a try a few times now, but not really the point anyway. Always bugs me when people trash on others showing one way to do something.

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Embed your real-time dashboards, live charts, or KPIs right in your presentation. No more screenshots, copy and pasting, and tweaking to get everything just right.

Start by resizing the size of the slide to the size of web header that you need. Go to &ldquo File &ndash Page Setup &rdquo menu to open the setting window.

I think this little article is great and there are always more ways than one to skin a cat! Some are just more efficient, but use the tools/knowledge you have never be scared of some 'Bush Mechanics'.

I mean I get what you're trying to do by helping those without graphic knowledge, but why not post a tutorial for Photoshop/Gimp that explains how to do the same thing?

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