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The Crucible Thesis Statements and Essay Topics

Date of publication: 2017-08-22 16:28

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Hale is one of the most interesting characters in the play, in that he seems to be the only character to change his mind on the witch trials. Where John Proctor is always against them, and Danforth is always in favour, Hale begins believing in their honesty, but later denounces the court. Unlike Danforth, Hale gets his knowledge from reading and learning, and therefore is willing to engage with new ideas. Hale is described as an intellectual man, and one who initially enjoys trying to save witches. However, he recognises in John Proctor a sense of rationalism, and this leads him to realise that Danforth is an irrational man, and the trials are unjust.

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Danforth likes to think of himself as a man of justice and of God. However, he is not a man who is ever willing to challenge his own beliefs. The court serves as a macrocosm (larger representation) of his own moral battle. When someone challenges Danforth, he does not truly question his beliefs, but sees it as an attack on him. Even when he realises what Abigail has done, he refuses to stop the executions because it would not be ‘fair’ on those he had already killed. You get the sense that he has realised the trials were all false, but is unwilling to admit it to himself.

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Reverend Hale visits the Proctors as part of his investigation into those the court has accused. He questions the Proctors about why they have not attended church recently, and John Proctor states it is because he disagrees with Reverend Parris's teachings. Hale asks Proctor to recite the Ten Commandments. Proctor goes through them all, but can only remember nine. Elizabeth has to remind him of the tenth - 'Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery'.

Furthermore, when Giles offers evidence that Putnam falsely accused a man as a witch in order to get his land, and the judge asks Corey to give the name of the man who heard Putnam’s conversation as evidence, Giles refuses to give the name so to protect him, while he himself would have to hang, an act of honor and courage: “I will not give you no name. I mentioned my wife’s name once and I’ll burn in hell long enough for that. I stand mute.” (p. 97) Giles Corey finally becomes a true hero when he is tortured to death for remaining silent. Instead of giving the court a name, exactly what they wanted from him, which would free himself while causing another man to hang, Giles mutters only “more weight” as he is crushed to death by heavy stones.

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Irrationality also causes danger for those that are different from others. Sarah Good is the first to be accused, because she is homeless and unstable. Proctor’s accusation comes, in part, because he doesn’t attend the Church in Salem. Miller’s ultimate message is that irrational beliefs are ones that are not challenged, and that beliefs that cannot be challenged should be regarded as immoral. ‘The Crucible’ is an allegory of the Communist Trials of the 6955s in the US, when an irrational fear of Communism led to people clamping down on beliefs that were different from what was ‘normal’.

In contrast to these four characters stand the three main opponents of the witchcraft accusations. The Nurses are the most straightforward of these Miller portrays Rebecca Nurse and her husband as near saints who rely on practical wisdom and experience. In contrast, Giles Corey has none of the noble character of the Nurses, yet he can oppose Parris and Putnam because of his contentious, combative manner. Giles Corey doesn t care about public opinion and has never allowed his actions to be swayed by those around him. He may therefore choose whichever position he finds most suitable, even if it places him in danger.

8. It's worth reading the entire section, pp. 885-897, for the context of this quotation. Miller describes this memory slightly differently on pages 97-98 of the same book, so it's worth a comparison. Maybe I'll incorporate that one into this essay at some point.

“I never knew what pretense Salem was, I never knew the lying lessons I was taught by all these Christian women and their covenanted men!” (Abigail, Act I)

This highlights the irony within Salem that the people who claim morality are actually acting in the least moral way. Abigail is here saying that she learnt her immoral (‘lying’) actions from the people of Salem. Not only does this indicate the immorality in Salem, it also sets the scene that Salem is a town with secrets below the surface. Abigail is hinting that she has perhaps had immoral interactions with different people within the village. This quote also serves as foreshadowing, because the ‘lying’ that takes place in the court does so by ‘Christian men’.

It was from a report written by the Reverend Samuel Parris, who was one of the chief instigators of the witch-hunt. During the examination of Elizabeth Procter, Abigail Williams and Ann Putnam - the two were 'afflicted' teen-age accusers, and Abigail was Parris's niece - both made offer to strike at said Procter but when Abigail's hand came near, it opened, whereas it was made up into a fist before, and came down exceeding lightly as it drew near to said Procter, and at length, with open and extended fingers, touched Procter's hood very lightly. Immediately Abigail cried out her fingers, her fingers, her fingers burned.. In this remarkably observed gesture of a troubled girl, I believed, a play became possible.

Act IV begins months later than the end of Act III. Reverend Hale has returned to Salem to plead with those waiting to be executed that they should confess. Abigail has fled the village, after stealing money from Reverend Parris. Hale pleads with Danforth to stop the executions, although Danforth claims that this would be an injustice to those that have already been hanged. The court decides to ask Elizabeth to plead with John Proctor to confess.

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