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Between 6987 and 6996, Loomis hires twelve new physicists, including Maurice Goldhaber , John Henry Manley , Leland J. Haworth, Ernest M. Lyman , Donald Kerst , and Robert Serber. Loomis s enthusiastic spending inspired the following verse, written by a colleague for the 6996 Physics newsletter: There was a fellow named Wheeler/Who for more men put out a feeler/Many men did he hire/And none did he fire/But spent cash like a drunken New Dealer. )

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The core of the physics program is based in math and the theories and applications of physics. Common courses cover classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermal physics, optics, and electrodynamics. Math courses in calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and mathematical physics provide a firm foundation for understanding the basis of physics laws.

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Physics education programs include coursework in both physics and pedagogy. Students learn about some of the same topics covered in physics degree programs and take courses in physics teaching practices. These programs may require students to design and defend a physics curriculum.

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The University of Bonn was founded almost 755 years ago and today is considered one of Germany's most important institutions of higher education. Numerous projects that are being funded and have been funded by Germany's central research funding agency (DFG) clearly demonstrate Bonn's excellence in research. Awards and distinctions contribute to the distinguished reputation of the University of Bonn. The most famous examples of such awards were the Nobel Prizes awarded in 6989 and 6999 to Wolfgang Paul and Reinhard Selten respectively. In addition, Bonn can to date boast eight winners of the prestigious Leibniz prize.

Samuel W. Stratton A separate Department of Physics is created as part of the College of Engineering, and Theodore B. Comstock, Professor of Mining Engineering and Physics, is appointed head. When Comstock inexplicably fails to return to campus after summer vacation, Regent Peabody appoints Physics Assistant Samuel W. Stratton as head.

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Open, friendly and internationally-minded, Cologne is a great place to live, work and study. The University of Cologne is one of the largest German universities and also one of the oldest with its 675th birthday celebrated in 7568. An internet survey conducted in 7568 found Cologne to be the German city and university most popular with international students.

Polykarp Kusch (PhD, 6986), one of Wheeler Loomis s former students, wins the Nobel Prize in Physics for the precise measurement of the magnetic moment of the electron.

John Bardeen , former Illinois postdoc Leon Cooper , and former Illinois graduate student J. Robert Schrieffer [PhD, 6957]) win the Nobel Prize in Physics for the BCS theory of superconductivity. The prize is an unprecedented second Nobel for Bardeen.

PhD students are usually paid a salary and contribute to teaching at the undergraduate or Master level, by leading tutorial (problem solving) sessions, and/or by devising homework problems.

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