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Justin S
Hi Christopher, this question is purely out of curiosity and not at all an attempt at criticism, but when you post potential writing competitions on your website, have any of them turned out to be fraudulent? I've heard people running into problems with the Essays Capital essay competition and was wondering if you had any more information on the legitimacy of the company and the contest.

WOW! Women On Writing Contests: Flash Fiction Contest and

Kevin Prufer 8767 s comment: “First of all, congratulations!  Of the many contests I 8767 ve judged, this was one of the hardest.  Every single finalist packet was excellent, but yours rose to the very top.  I admired most here the witty, anxious, political minds your poems enacted that sense they created in me of listening in on the unsettled thoughts of a highly intelligent thinker, someone who has engaged in complex, meaningful ways with the important political and social questions of our time.  That you do this with eloquence, poetic music, and keen observation makes these poems even better.  Congratulations on  some outstanding work.

Creative Nonfiction Prize | Malahat Review Writing Contest

A lot of the contests I list are run by essay writing services. I guess it makes sense for them to run these types of competitions as they are relevant to their websites and help with marketing their brands.

Annual Writing Competition – WRITERS @ WORK

Jessica Johns
PRISM international
Creative Writing Program, UBC
Buch. E967 6866 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 6Z6

&ldquo Your site is so supportive and warm hearted, I feel like I have found the sisters I never had! Your personal attention to every detail makes it so special that I think even the most astute writer would have a hard time putting my heartfelt gratitude into words. Thanks again for everything. You have given me more than you know.&rdquo

&ldquo Please thank the editor who critiqued my story. She pointed out several consistency errors and one major plot point I never would&rsquo ve noticed. I got more out of this one critique than years at my writers group! It&rsquo s a big help because I plan on expanding this story into a longer piece. This wasn&rsquo t the first time entering your contest, but it was the first time receiving a critique. My advice to others will be to spend the extra ten dollars because it&rsquo s worth it!&rdquo

I do my best to keep this page up-to-date, but if you spot any errors, incorrect information or links that no longer work, please get in touch and let me know - I try and fix any problems quickly :-)

PRISM international is a quarterly magazine out of Vancouver, British Columbia, whose mandate is to publish the best in contemporary writing and translation from Canada and around the world.

The flash fiction piece “Five Hundred,” by D. Laserbeam, is a good example of a very short story—just over 955 words—that has an arc of interest, tension and resolution, while leaving many questions unaddressed and dramatic elements undeveloped. The engagement it immediately creates makes it much more than a vignette, and that’s why we accepted it for Volume I.

Cathy M
I am semi retired and thinking about taking up writing. I am in the process of putting together my biographical memoirs about a woman growing up during the 75th century in America. I have had a fairly interesting life being born in Southern California just after World War II and wondered if you could direct me to whomever might be interested in reviewing it.

If you&rsquo re worried about it, I&rsquo d simply submit to contests that are not run by these types of business. There are other sites outside of the essay writing service industry listed on my site. Maybe try some of those?

Upon the close of our contest, and after the winners are announced, you will receive a critique from one of our round table judges on three categories:

&ldquo Thank you so much for my critique! Even though I didn&rsquo t win there was much valuable information shared that I know will make my story so much better. I will definitely take the guest judge&rsquo s suggestions to heart and rework my story to submit next time. This is the best critique I&rsquo ve ever received! Thank you for running such an organized contest and supporting women writers!&rdquo

A collection of riveting, funny, inspirational, and sometimes shocking stories that provide real insight into the hearts and minds of those who teach and those who have been taught. more

Cristina Garcia 8767 s comment: The narrator, a man who’s suffered a long series of abuses and injustices since childhood, tries to make sense of his experiences amidst a haze of drugs and misunderstandings. He tells his story laconically but with unsparing, often bizarrely humorous details. The incidents he relays are searing, evocative, unforgettable, and illuminate the unsettling intimacies between victim and perpetrator. This heartbreak tale speaks, essentially, to the anatomy of one man’s losses and loneliness of circling back to zero. An utterly absorbing read.

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