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In an article about superbugs, the story of a 68 year old boy who almost died of a severe infection of MSRA was included. The boy was probably infected when he had a minor injury in football. The infection spread to the boy’s lungs, blood, and even made him deaf in one ear. It also spread to his bones which gave him difficulty in walking (Johnson, 7559). From the same article, a man in his 95s who complained about a severe back pain was diagnosed to have a severe staph infection in his spinal cord. Because of this, he later became completely paralyzed.

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Infection control precautions can be seen as obvious things in preventing cross contamination. The following precautions should always be carried out at all times and with all patients and medical staff.

Infectious Disease: MRSA (methicillin-resistant

In any medical facility it is nurses who are in immediate contact with many patients over prolonged periods of time. With this in mind it means that the hygiene of nurses should be maintained continuously at a high standard. Not only should they keep their hygiene high when dealing with patients but also with relatives and visitors to the hospital.

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Staphylococcus aureus (SA) is a commonly occurring bacterium that has been around, for thousands of years and the discovery of MRSA in the early 6965s. Around a third of the world's population carries MRSA harmlessly on the skin, nose or throat (especially in folds like the armpit or groin). [8], [6]

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In spite of all the possible improvements that have been established and stated in this graded unit, the problem of MRSA control and eradication still seem to be a subject that will never be resolved. Though hospitals could improve hygiene and lower the potential of HA-MRSA, the potential threat of increased CA-MRSA is always a possibility due to community hygiene being impossible to control or establish a policy to which CA-MRSA would be effected by.

In the future, the risk of the wide spread of MRSA is likely to increase, taking into consideration the wide use of antibiotics and growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. On the other hand, it is obvious that the risk of the development and spread of MRSA can be minimized when people follow the recommendations and preventive measures mentioned above. In this respect, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that people who stay in confined spaces, including hospitals, should be particularly aware of the risk of the development of MRSA and take all the preventive measures to prevent the development of the infectious disease because prevention is more efficient and safer than treatment and it does not really need much efforts from the part of people.

The symptoms of an infection due to MRSA can vary greatly, all depending on what part of the body is infected. MRSA can infect a wide range of body tissues and organs, which makes MRSA the Superbug that it is. [65]

A more serious issue underlying superbugs. With all the reported cases of MRSA, one cannot help but notice the more serious issue behind it: the possible continual immunity of bacteria to developed medicines and with it, an added severity in the bacteria’s reported symptoms.

All three types of screening and testing methods are valid and useful for different end results needed. It can be seen from the information that Enrichment Cultures and Direct Plating are not as quick and effective as PCR. Though PCR is flawed by the cost the pros can easily be seen to outweigh this small negative. I believe PCR is the best method for testing for the presence of MRSA, as it gets the results quick and easily and avoids all the tedious work of counting cells.

The education of patients is also vital to controlling MRSA infections. The Department of Health Services: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a link to an MRSA patient information sheet. Such information as this can be seen as extremely helpful as it answers the most common asked questions regarding MRSA. [79]

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