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I have been accepted to UCLA, Chicago and Kellogg. The services provided by The MBA Exchange and Holly have been outstanding and are completely worth it. Just like a good professor, she asked the right questions to help me identify my strengths as a candidate. The iterative essay process, strategy review, and interview preparation helped me convey my candidacy in a clear and concise manner to the admissions committee. I was initially apprenehsive about my non-traditional background (engineering/project management) and I can't believe I get to choose from UCLA, Chicago and Kellogg! I will recommend The MBA Exchange to anyone I know.

Lack of Trust – Caused by Institutional Corruption – Is

Other businesses are building digital or service wrappers around traditional products. A national post office is creating a free digital mailbox attached to each physical mail address that companies can use as a substitute for a person’s physical mailbox. A business credit company is developing a digital business for some credit products that requires less involvement than their traditional high-touch offerings.

How to Manage Virtual Teams

Several companies in our study are offering self-service via digital tools. These tools allow the customer to save time, while saving the company money. Many companies are now offering customer apps to enhance customer touch points. In one hospitality company, smartphone apps are linked to the customer’s profile, enabling integration across SMS, apps and social media efforts. A media company offers apps with geo-localization and augmented reality to help customers find interesting places to visit and provide special offers via vouchers and e-couponing.

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Automation can enable companies to refocus their people on more strategic tasks. A manufacturer has begun to centralize the HR function, allowing economies of scale through self-service while freeing HR people to “focus on enlarging manager skills, rather than counting days off.” A specialty materials company has automated many R&D processes. Automation allows researchers to focus on innovation and creativity rather than repetitive efforts. It also creates streams of data that can be useful in later data mining efforts.

An MBA graduate of Darden Business School at the University of Virginia, Mr. Dekel served on the student admissions committee. He has helped a wide range of applicants, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, to gain admission to top MBA programs. Prior to joining The MBA Exchange, Mr. Dekel&rsquo s professional experience included business development with a leading realty investment trust, project management with a civil engineering firm, nonprofit management, as well as serving with distinction in the Israeli Defense Force. He speaks fluent Hebrew and holds a bachelor of architecture degree from Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

You guys are running a terrific organization with a great deal of professionalism. It takes some [other] advisors quite long for a simple reply.

An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School, Ms. Francis has advised a range of applicants with diverse backgrounds in gaining admissions to top-tier graduate schools. While attending HBS, she was a consultant to non-profit organizations and wrote one of the first web-based cases now taught in a second-year course. Ms. Francis's professional history includes equity research, private equity, asset management marketing, and management consulting at leading companies such as Accenture, Goldman Sachs, The Hartford, and T. Rowe Price. She graduated from Columbia University with a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.

"First, you limit the number of your clients so that you can maintain the high quality of your services while many other MBA consultants accept clients almost beyond their capacity. Second, you are really great 'catalyst.' Each question you asked me made me think and thus deepened my stories. Thanks to you, I was able to come up with excellent ideas that I could never come up with alone."

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for pairing me with Micah. Your judgment was spot-on. We've accomplished a lot together and still have some work to do, but I know I couldn't have made it this far without him. He's challenged me to consider aspects of my candidacy that I never would have before, which have resulted in a better representation of who I am. All the while, he's made this exhausting process as pleasant as possible, reassuring me during my times of uncertainty. I'm sure it's a testament to your entire organization, which I have greatly enjoyed working with.

“I knew that I needed assistance navigating the MBA admissions process, but did not have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on an admissions consultant and was worried that I would not be on the same playing field as other applicants with greater resources.

The only way we can offer advice in such a cost-effective way is if we work together as a team to streamline everything. If you send us an essay with a super-lame Career Vision, or a resume filled with tech jargon, we’ll know that you haven’t yet read the advice and will respectfully request that you do the Lab work first before sending us your stuff. Otherwise, we’d have to charge you $9,555, just like everyone else does :)

"You encouraged me to be genuine, and helped me find the right, true stories that captured who I am. In this way, you offer applicants not only an effective admissions advisory, but also a unique journey of self discovery and empowering dreams."

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