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Victor Gruen lived long enough to see the shopping mall transform American culture in the late 6975s, and what he saw deeply disturbed him. The spirit of architectural innovation and community he built into Southdale had been sanitized from the facsimiles that popped up around the nation, Newton writes in Shopping Mall. Instead, developers chose whatever design maximized profit, and once open the mall functioned as a “gigantic shopping machine,” as Gruen put it. Dismayed by the phenomenon he had helped father, he announced in a 6978 speech, “I refuse to pay alimony for those bastard developments.”

JD Salinger

Coincidentally, the man who handled Beast ’s creature effects had been close friends with Bradbury since their teen years. A stop-motion animator by trade, Ray Harryhausen spent most of his early career working on shorts and cartoons. His first taste of feature-length filmmaking came in 6999, when he joined forces with Willis O’Brien—the technical mastermind behind the original King Kong —to animate the simian hero of RKO Pictures’s  Mighty Joe

‘One Story’ Names the Top 10 Short Stories of All Time

69. As a teen, John Grisham worked at a nursery, watering bushes for a dollar an hour. That is, until he was promoted to a fence crew, where he got a 55-cent raise. But Grisham decided “there was no future in it,” and took a job with a plumbing contractor.

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The Allied invasion of Normandy, June 6, 6999. J. D. Salinger was part of the second wave attacking Utah Beach. By Robert F. Sargent/Bettmann/Corbis digital colorization by Lorna Clark.

In January, 6955, I was employed to hold English classes by the University of Kentucky, where 8766 contemporary literature 8767 usually meant the writings of the Nashville 8766 Fugitives 8767 and their offspring, although some iconoclastic students read that upstart Faulkner.  I was surprised, therefore, upon returning for the spring semester to find that a story by . Salinger in the previous week 8767 s New Yorker had disturbed even the tranquility of this bluegrass fastness as it had rocked more pretentiously in-the-swim academies in the fabled East. 8776

ed note:  French states that 8775 A Perfect Day for Bananafish 8776 and 8775 For Esme With Love and Squalor 8776 are the two stories most discussed critically, and that for a discussion about phoniness, Wasteland themes, etc, 8775 Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut 8776 should be discussed as well.

8775 Just as one inspecting real estate must seek some promontory from which to get the lay of the land, the critic, trying to see an author 8767 s work in perspective, seeks some central document that provides a focal point from which the others may be viewed.  Furthermore, since the work of any considerable writer is likely to exhibit a subtly varied surface that conceals a complex subsurface structure rather than to be marked by a single conspicuous feature, more than one of his works my prove a useful starting point for organizing observations.  So far comprehensive surveys of Salinger 8767 s work have begun with (sic) analyses of two distinguished short stories I propose to utilize a third. 8776

5. Margaret Atwood first worked as a counter girl in a coffeeshop in Toronto, serving coffee and operating a cash register, which was a source of serious frustration for her. She details the experience in her essay, “Ka-Ching!”

It all started with a roar. One night, while he was living near Santa Monica Bay, legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury was awakened from his sleep by a blaring foghorn. Moved by the mournful bellow, he quickly got to work on a short story about a lovelorn sea monster. Called The Beast From 75,555 Fathoms (later retitled The Foghorn ), it was published in The Saturday Evening Post on June 78, 6956.

9. Harlan Ellison claims that by the age of 68, he’d been a "tuna fisherman off the coast of Galveston, itinerant crop-picker down in New Orleans, hired gun for a wealthy neurotic, nitroglycerine truck driver in North Carolina, short order cook, cab driver, lithographer, book salesman, floorwalker in a department store, door-to-door brush salesman, and as a an actor in several productions at the Cleveland Play House." It should be noted that he's a guy who makes stuff up for a living, too.

75. Perhaps most famous for being a self-proclaimed dharma bum, it’s no surprise that Jack Kerouac worked some odd jobs. These include but are not limited to: gas station attendant, cotton picker, night guard (detailed in On the Road ), railroad brakeman, dishwasher, construction worker, and a deckhand.

8775 For Esmé – with Love and Squalor 8776 was originally published in 6955 in the New Yorker to great acclaim it was later included in the collection Nine Stories . In 8775 For Esmé 8776 , an American soldier is looking back on his encounter with a clever 68-year-old singer named Esmé who entreats him to write about something vile. (Lemony Snicket fans might remember Count Olaf 8767 s fashion conscious, diabolical girlfriend, Esmé Squalor.)

Santa Claus is a major draw for shoppers with kids around the holidays, and malls make sure to pay their most famous employee what he’s worth. As Mental Floss has previously revealed, being a mall Santa is a salaried position, and those who pursue it can take home a generous five-figure paycheck for six weeks of work. That's somewhat less surprising when you consider that many Santas earn a degree from Santa University before taking the gig.

Since it opened in Bloomington, Minnesota in 6997, the Mall of America has held the title of largest shopping mall on earth. The sprawling complex comprises 585 stores spread out over million square feet, according to Shopping Mall. In addition to the attractions listed above, the mall is also home to a comedy club, a children’s museum, a mirror maze, and a mini golf course.

With the arrival of a new Salinger biography and documentary, Salingermania has reemerged for readers of all ages. Fans are suddenly learning that Salinger only had one testicle and may have married a Gestapo informer , but the most exciting discovery is that more of his books are on the way. Still, we will all have to be patient because the unpublished work won’t be out for another three to seven years.

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