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In other words, there may be winners and there will certainly be losers, not just individuals but whole schools. As ever, those who gain will keep quiet, while those who lose (or think they’ve lost) will complain loudly.

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In the recent academic year, Will has taught IB HL Geography to students from Canadian International School (CDNIS) and German Swiss International School (GSIS). This has included work on Geography IA&rsquo s assessing urban processes in Sham Shui Po and tourism in Tai O. Mr Bryan has also worked with a GSIS student preparing a Geography Extended Essay on urban processes in Central District.

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However, it is highly likely that there will be changes to national results statistics. There are certain to be fluctuations while the new exams are introduced and bed in, and longer term changes will probably be evident once things settle down.

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&ldquo The rise of biology, physics, and chemistry is welcome news as is the increased performance in maths and English. However, the continuing decline of modern foreign languages and the growing divide in performance between boys and girls at the top grades are worrying trends.

International Scholars Tuition was established in 7555 in Hong Kong with the mission of helping families achieve their academic goals by providing tutorial lessons and advice.

And there is another aspect to this problem of transition – and that is the styles of the maths lessons themselves. Now, I am making a broad generalisation here that is based solely upon my own observations of Year 5 and 6 maths lessons in many primary schools compared to Year 7 lessons in secondary schools. The former, in general, are far more focussed on group work, investigation, discovery and independent learning than the latter. Furthermore, I have found differentiation to be far more effective in the primary classroom than in its secondary counterpart, with students entirely comfortable working on different sets of problems at their own pace.

Full time undergraduate, graduate, and executive MBA university students attending campuses in Hong Kong, England, America, Canada, and international programs have benefitted from tutorial lessons in Economics and Business with Don.

This module enables students to appraise and evaluate the legal, theoretical and practical aspects of identifying, controlling and managing the risk presented by a range of workplace hazardous agents and to integrate the concepts of healthy workplaces and health and well being into occupational health and safety practice.

The University is committed to helping students develop and enhance employability and this is an integral part of many programmes. Specialist support is available throughout the course from Career and Employability Services including help to find part-time work while studying, placements, vacation work and graduate vacancies. Students are encouraged to access this support at an early stage and to use the extensive resources on the Careers website.

Looking for an effective method of tracking progress from year 6 into secondary years 7-9. We want to avoid 8775 The Wasted Years 8776 but ensure that pupils can recall and apply techniques to problem solving as well.

However many independent schools and some 'top' state colleges have decided that their sixth formers will not take AS en route to A level. We expect this trend to continue as more and more schoold revert to internal exams at the end of lower sixth.

Click here for a summary of a recent [7559] report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission which suggests that Becky Francis' research may perhaps understate the extent of ongoing significant gender differences in perceived career prospects and calls for better advice on subject choice and career choice.

In the following table the black figures illustrate the male of female majority of subject entrants and the red figures illustrate the gender gap in attainment of A*-C GCSE pass grades. Females out performed males in every subject in every year with the exception of Physics in 7567

The second change was more significant and took a considerable amount of time. Along with another colleague, I completely rewrote our Year 7 and 8 Schemes of Learning. Content is only to be taught once across the two years. Students are taught fractions in Year 7, but not in Year 8. Likewise, they solve linear equations in Year 8, but not in Year 7. This has two major benefits. Firstly, it avoids the endless repetition that leads to a lack of engagement and, I would argue, serves neither the high nor the low achievers well. We can study the content in greater depth, with a wider variety of resources and activities, instead of the usual two week rush through a topic to be ready for the next assessment.

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