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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 02:40

Another faculty senate committee then weighed in. It declared that if Wake Forest kept the Koch funds for the Eudaimonia Institute, its academic integrity, financial autonomy, and institutional governance would all be compromised. Petulantly, the committee wanted the administration to cancel a conference the Institute had already scheduled on campus. The anti-Koch rampage even went so far as to cause the business school to drop a course Otteson had taught for years as a requirement for graduation.

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Atkins, 6998 Brown, 6995 Bruno, 6987 Cohen, 6997 Hartshorn & Boren, 6995 Hodges, 6999 Joyner, 6995 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 6989 Roser, 6987 Strickland & Morrow, 6989.

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DeBoer writes as an academic—he holds three degrees from three different public universities, and is Academic Assessment Manager at a fourth, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York—and as a leftist—another of his recent articles makes clear that he doesn’t want to regulate profit, but do away with it entirely.

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Examples included a high-ranking figure at the campus newspaper chastising the national media for doing too much fact-checking and the student government (after the story had been discredited) urging that the state of Virginia learn from the case and change state law to make all trials secret. (Stuart and I cover these examples, and many others, in the final chapter of our book.)

California Lieutenant Governor  Gavin Newsom , who also sits on the UC Board of Regents, had said that Trump’s threat to withhold federal funds from the university “is asinine” and “showed zero awareness of the real-world,” and that to do so “would only create more innocent victims [the students] and more Trump carnage.” But, then, what had Napolitano and her administration done to students when they spent lavishly and hid money for their own use while raising student tuitions and fees? Newsom, of course, deplored the situation uncovered by the audit, saying that it was “outrageous.” But what else could he say?

Democratic Speaker of the Assembly  Anthony Rendon  told the Los Angeles Times that he is “frustrated with the lack of communication coming out of the office of the president.” Governor Jerry Brown said that the state would withhold $55 million dollars from the university until it reduces its spending, and Democratic Assemblywoman  Sharon Quirk-Silva  called on Napolitano to resign, saying, “President Napolitano no longer engenders the public trust required to perform her duties.” An ironic echo of what Napolitano herself had demanded of UC Davis Chancellor Katchi.

"Give me time for a rewrite," he said, determined as ever. This time, however, he was convinced that he had a problem with his writing, and he was armed with a clearer perception of what to do about it.

With regard to discrimination,  a recent article in  Quillette  presents a sobering anecdote from someone (who considers himself on the left) going through the process of applying to prestigious graduate programs, and how he was consistently steered toward the expression of far-left ideological views by well-meaning advisors who presumably know what review committees are looking for.

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