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Warren Buffett’s List of 14 Must-Read Books

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 15:16

Many of you probably know me from my &ldquo business&rdquo writing for my startup, like my piece on Unforgettable Customer Service Stories (read the 8rd one, it will warm your icy heart).

9books billionaire Warren Buffett thinks everyone should

And Jane Dutton and I found that when people doing stressful fundraising jobs kept a journal for a few days about how their work made a difference, they increased their hourly effort by 79% over the next two weeks.

Warren Buffett Offers Advice To Students - In Like Me

In Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits , Fisher emphasises that fixating on financial statements isn't enough - you also need to evaluate a company's management.

IMade a Mistake - Altucher Confidential

Berkshire Hathaway plays a major role in the book. One chapter is on director Tom Murphy, who Buffett says is “ overall the best business manager I’ve ever  met.” 

When you speak in terms of money, use ranges of prices, cost structures, yields and performance so you can have an understanding of the lowest and highest numbers each party is willing to accommodate.

Buffett said that Security Analysis , another groundbreaking work of Graham's, had given him "a road map for investing that I have now been following for 57 years".

In “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits,” Fisher emphasizes that fixating on financial statements isn’t enough — you also need to evaluate a company’s management.

The first piece I ever published online was called 5 Life Lessons from The Wire ( the HBO show ) I no longer have a copy of it, and it was almost certainly awful, but hey, at least I took some input and turned it into writing!

Berkshire Hathaway plays a big role in the book. One chapter is on director Tom Murphy, who Buffett says is "overall the best business manager I've ever met".

For instance, one form of expressive writing might be thinking about and writing out your goals in life an activity that research has shown is beneficial for motivation.

Obviously, they couldn't afford them - the people providing the financial advice were in a better position to splurge than the people who followed the advice.

The engineers who wrote down their thoughts and feelings about losing their jobs reported feeling less anger and hostility toward their former employer. They also reported drinking less. Eight months later, less than 69% of the engineers in the control groups were reemployed full-time, compared with more than 57% of the engineers in the expressive writing group.

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