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Running Head: WOW Wedding Final Project The “NOW” Wedding Final Project by A Paper Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of MGMT555 Project Management Fundamentals November 7558 The “NOW” Wedding Lauren and Conner announced on December 86st that.

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conventional customs is wedding . Every country has its own classic way of wedding but in some countries the traditional wedding is usually the same. America and Saudi Arabia are big countries with unique customs and traditions. The difference between a Saudi wedding and an American wedding is like the difference.

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With an average of 65 million couples tying the knot every year in China, and I 8767 d say it 8767 s a topic to be a bit familiar with. Let 8767 s jump into it!
The Predicament of the Modern Chinese Wedding: Setting the Stage

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Today after getting legally married by officials in the offices of the Civil Affairs Bureau, there 8767 s the party or banquet part (as westerners would call it, the reception).

In modern day, this is still practiced except that the type of gifts presented may differ. Nowadays, both the initial gifts and formal gifts are often sent on the same day, rather than on two separate events. Also, modern day gifts may include dried seafood, canned food rather than livestock for practical reasons, so that the family can keep for as long as they want. As for the monetary gifts and jewelry, the groom will either pay a certain amount or offer to pay for the cost of the wedding. The negotiations will also take place for the number of tables for the wedding banquet. Sometimes, the bride side may also pay for some of the cost if the groom cannot afford it. These will be discussed between the families until all the terms are clearly agreed upon.

When everybody left and the house was quiet, the elders said a prayer of thanks for the happy ending of the ceremony. And we the came up with the resolution that we will stay with our parents after marriage to which all the elders laughed out in unison and we knew that the air of sadness was lifted and a happy occasion was ending in happiness.

While Chinese weddings have become infused with Western wedding traditions, most Chinese weddings maintain some traditional cultural elements. Do you want to know how to plan a traditional Chinese wedding? From the engagement to the ceremony, here s what you should know.

Decorations at a typical Chinese wedding are usually provided by the reception venue. The Chinese character for happiness is often hung upside down as a symbol for the arrival of happiness. In addition to Chinese symbols, decor may include lights, candles, and flowers similar to those you d find at a typical Western wedding. Venues will often have a stage where the bridge and groom stands before the reception begins and while toasts are being made. Guests are not invited to the exchanging of vows, so the reception is the first time they see the couple.

Besides the typical speeches and toasts made to congratulate the newlyweds, the couple will also make their way to each table making toasts during the banquet. The bride will wear a western style white wedding dress and change into a traditional cheongsam (旗袍 - qí páo).

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In ancient China, when a girl marries off, she no longer belongs to her own family and she had to put her husband's family name before hers. From that day on, her real parents no longer had the right to interfere with the girl's life in any way. Therefore, a girl's parents would strive to give her a luxurious wedding ceremony since they took it as the last thing they could do for their daughter, and by doing so it might help solidify her status in her husband's family.

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