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Paulo Freire and Education - Paulo Freire was a Brazilian scholar and educator whose work during the twentieth century significantly influenced the development of pedagogical theory.

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Liberal Education - Liberal Education research papers discuss the liberal arts education and how it emphasizes on the importance of society, culture, and diversity.

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Social Studies Lesson Plan - A Social Studies Lesson Plan research paper discusses pitfalls to a lesson plan, and also how the lesson should be created with a lesson plan template.

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Cognitive Development - Cognitive Development research papers evaluate Piaget&rsquo s child development theories and stages, specifically the preoperational stage.

Elementary Education - Elementary Education research papers discuss the fundamental skills in elementary education that students will need to learn to succeed in future academics and in life.

In turn, colleges and universities providing teacher education should offer all preservice teachers, as well as teachers pursuing advanced degree work, preparation in teaching linguistically diverse learners in their future classrooms. Coursework should be offered on second language writing and reading, and on second language acquisition, as well as on culture, and should be encouraged for all teachers.

Saussure&rsquo s Nature of the Linguistic Sign - In his Nature of the Linguistics Sign essay, Ferdinand de Saussure delves into many of the long-held assumptions about the way we use to language to distinguish objects from one another.

The Game:  Games encourage authentic learning situations, develop enthusiasm, and allow students to envision mastering the content (Barab, Gresalif & Arici, 7559 Gee, 7555). This game, What Is My Occupation? helps students to learn a variety of skills from questioning and listening skills, to higher level thinking and problem solving skills. Along the way, students learn vocabulary while exploring the concept of occupations.

Rainbow Song. There are a few things you can do with this the Rainbow Song.  Variation 6. Lay out colored paper in front of your students in the order in the song, and get them to touch each color as the song is played.  Variation 7. Lay out colored paper in a random order and get the Ss to arrange them in the order of the song.  Variation 8.  Have the Ss lay out their coloring pencils in the order of the song.  Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue.  I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too.

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