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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 11:40

Tim LeBon   another founding member of the Modern Stoicism organization, is a practicing CBT psychotherapist and philosophical counselor, and the author of  Wise Therapy and  Achieve Your Potential with Positive Psychology

René Descartes

This is just a scrap of my views on modern Stoicism and I’ve already used up the agreed-upon word-count. Let me just say then, that I’m perfectly aware that these are “views my own,” as they say on Twitter. Others will disagree and there is virtue in disagreement. It’s a major perk of Stoicism that we are aware of the differences and that we don’t shoot for any enforced unity. We need a debate, not a monolithic church. Or, at least, this is what I think we need.

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Dr. Greg Sadler is a practicing philosophical counselor and ethics consultant, the producer of over 655 videos on Stoicism, and the editor of Stoicism Today

An Outline of Descartes's Meditations on First Philosophy

[8] Of a range of 5 to 6 or more close confidants, the modal number is the number of confidants reported by the greatest number of respondents. In other words, by 7559 more people reported they had no close confidants than those who reported either 6, 7, 8, 9, 5, or 6+ confidants, while 8 confidants was the most common response two decades before.

Now, an important point Dr. Sadler builds upon is Epictetus’ observation that one need not necessarily be forlorn and distressed even if one actually is alone. Drawing from the thought of Zeus, King of the gods, alone but content at the time one of the periodic “world-conflagrations” when all the other gods and the rest of the world have gone up in smoke for a time, Epictetus explains that the key to finding solace in solitude is to have trained oneself in virtue so that one is at peace with oneself and comfortable in one’s own company. (Sounds a bit like Musonius Rufus working away on his virtues in the midst of his exiles.)

What is most interesting is how we solve this, by solving metaphysics - by correctly imagining what exists - space - the one thing that we all commonly experience existing in as one thing. David Hume explains this problem of causation and necessary connection very well.

This problem of the 'external world' and causation disappear when you realise that we are universal structures - there is no external world, just one world, matter-energy and space-time are a unity - the wave motions of space. As Schrodinger wrote

Thomas Jarrett , LCSW, is a former Combat Operational Stress Control Officer in the US Army, an Albert Ellis Institute Fellow, and the developer of  Stoic Resilience  and  Warrior Resilience & Thriving Training  training programs.

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