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So happy I could make you feel better about yourself. Whenever you feel a little down on yourself just remember that beauty is not how the world views you, but how you view the world. It really is that simple.

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Really just about anyone is self conscious at some point they say women mature faster then boys but apparently not in this respct maybe they are more perssured to feel that way but possible they are just overall more superficial. i thought most people would be discouraged from doing such things because of the idea of it, i really don't think anything should be changed probably natural ways of having it look different aside from slicing it up. But reallly because someone was teased about something really isn't good enough reason in my books.

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I wonder if this will have a long-term effect on the women (like less sexual feeling). cuz you know there's a lot of nerves around the labia that promotes positive sexual arousal. and if you cut some off. well, you do the math.

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Reading this man 8767 s testimony was amazing for me. My husband has been convincing me that he has to overcome this on his own and that I should not be involved at all. He says he knows what he is doing. So in trying to love him like Christ I have been trying to be strong and stick with him but his continuous lies and porn use are tearing me down. He gets angry at me so easily now.

i just wanted to scream at them! "STOP DOING THIS TO MESS UP YOU HAPPY PLACE! DID YA THINK ABOUT THAT!!" unless its a medical or an accident, leave the ugly thing as it is. you did it. live with it

I was somewhat part of the problem.
At one point I found women with a pronounced labia minora absolutely revolting.
I was around 68 at the time and my view has certainly changed.

Definitely speak with a pastor. You husband needs you to love him enough to press against his sin. Be firm and gentle, but most of all, be firm. Also, watch out for wimpy pastors. As much as 55% of pastors struggle with porn as well. Just saying to keep your eyes open.

‘Karen will love this!’ Janet thought to herself. It was only a fleeting thought, but she missed what Ariana was saying, at least her conscious mind did, her subconscious heard and understood and the war, let alone the battle, was over. Her eyelids fluttered, like a butterfly taking to the wing, and then closed. She would have fallen to the floor had Ariana not put her right arm around her waist, the cheap crystal, its purpose served, falling unheeded to the wooden floor.

I say get over your selves already if your guy doesn't like YOUR type of vagina, deal with it and move on. No one forces you to have surgery. Clearly men who have penis enlargement surgery with all the complications those entail are also making the wrong decision just find a woman who likes YOU and your penis. Articles shaming women for having those preferences isn't going to accomplish anything and neither is this.

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Fast forward 68 years & again I discovered computer views of actual sex scenes (not just pictures as it was last time). I confronted him & again he denied it. Eventually little bits of (supposed) truth would eek out but I just don 8767 t feel like he could or would ever tell me anything on his own. Or that he would truly answer my questions honestly & tell me where things are at for him. He also isn 8767 t too interested in sex with me..he says he has some peyonies disease which makes it difficult for him. I 8767 m feeling like it 8767 s that he 8767 s not that aroused by me compared to what he has been viewing.

Sarika, I 8767 m so sorry. What your husband is doing is wrong. So now you have to choose how you will respond. I have a post on 9 things you must do if your husband uses porn , and I hope it helps. But it is not okay.

[ ] Why People Hate the Sermon on the Mount: At this point I began to be encouraged. There is something exquisitely innocent about not realizing you shouldn 8767 t call Jesus stupid. This was not exactly intellectual agnosticism talking here, usually the perceived foe of the faith. It was just down-home hedonism. [ ]

I like the documentary- but I really wish woman (and I am one) would stop blaming men for our own insecurities. Holy hell, when are we going to become accountable for our own actions, especially against ourselves. Go to therapy, take some time and figure out your worth. Once you know the standard of how you are willing to treat yourself, raise the bar for everyone else. Confidence is sexy!

Komodo78 - your comment is so cute. It made me want to twirl in a garden with rainbows and butterflies. No sarcasm intended at all! Absolutely none. Your comment is spot on, on every level. Women need to take your advice and the advice of many others on this thread: that they are beautiful no matter and that they must accept themselves the way they were made naturally. Love yourself first. And you're right, what kind of heterosexual man out there isn't attracted to a vagina whether or not "improved"?

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