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Student Accessibility Office staff will request documentation related to your disability, for your convenience, please find the disability certification form to match your disability accommodation request.

If you are uncertain which form applies to you and your individual disability needs, please feel free to contact the Student Accessibility Office and we can assist you.

Students with Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and

Increasing independence is a goal for all students. As a student with a disability progresses with a particular task, consider whether the assistance can be decreased.

Students with Disabilities - National Bullying Prevention

For More Information A full text version of this document is available at the OCR link. You will find more in-depth information as well as some frequently asked questions at this site. For more information on Section 559 and the ADA and their application to auxiliary aids and services for disabled students in postsecondary schools, or to obtain additional assistance, see the list of OCR’s 67 enforcement offices containing the address and telephone number for the office that serves your area, or call 6-855-976-8986.

Services for Students with Disabilities | Services for

Teaching a child with a disability may mean allowing more time to plan, collaborate and learn new skills. This means being even more efficient with your time and energy.

Make sure you are applying to colleges that are a good fit for your personal and academic interests and needs. Consider campus resources, tuition rates, housing options, population sizes, majors, faculty, student retention, graduation rates, and job placement rates before applying.

SSI is a program that pays monthly benefits to people with low incomes and limited assets who are sixty-five years of age or older, are blind, or have other disabilities. Children can qualify if they meet Social Security's definition of disability for SSI children and if their income and assets fall within the eligibility limits.

The Social Security Administration may also approve a Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS), in which a student is able to set aside income and resources that are being used toward a specific vocational goal (such as college tuition) and still receive SSI payments. However, be aware that earnings from employment may affect SSI benefits.

"Mental illness" refers to the collection of all diagnosable mental disorders causing severe disturbances in thinking, feeling, relating, and functional behaviors. It can result in a substantially diminished capacity to cope with the demands of daily life.

To comply with the Standards, an education provider must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to accommodate a student with a disability. A reasonable adjustment takes into account the student’s learning needs while balancing the interests of the student, school, staff and other students.

The following functional limitations related to psychiatric disabilities may affect academic performance and may require accommodations (Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 6997).

I really appreciate the enthusiasm, and often ingenuity, of the staff and students, who always begin with the assumption that excluding my son is not an option. As an example, when the notice came home about line-dancing at school, I didn’t expect him to be included, but the photos showed otherwise. There he was, a happy and engaged student, doing just the same as everyone else, albeit in a wheelchair.

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