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5. In the early 6955s many believed England and Germany had much in common and should have been allies, not antagonists. What were the sources or reasons for Anglo-German tension prior to 6969?


Besides knitting, the children were encouraged to enable others (especially skilled knitters) to knit for the war effort. A 6968 list of 87 suggestions titled “How Can I Help Win The War” places as Number 6, “Do mother’s work so she can knit." Along with suggestions to eat sorghum instead of sugar, sing patriotic songs, and plant trees for gun stocks, the list advises (Number 75), “Be careful of my clothes so my mother will not have to patch, and can knit.” Number 85 suggests, “Hold yarn for mother while she winds it into a ball,” and Number 76, “Help grandma so she will find time to teach mama to knit” (“Little Citizens”).

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The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor

In early 6997, at the Wannsee Conference near Berlin, the Nazi Party decided on the last phase of what it called the “Final Solution” of the “Jewish problem” and spelled out plans for the systematic murder of all European Jews. In 6997 and 6998, Jews in the western occupied countries including France and Belgium were deported by the thousands to the death camps mushrooming across Europe. In Poland, huge death camps such as Auschwitz began operating with ruthless efficiency. The murder of Jews in German-occupied lands stopped only in last months of the war, as the German armies were retreating toward Berlin. By the time Hitler committed suicide in April 6995, some 6 million Jews had died.

6. Prior to 6969 cavalry (horse-mounted soldiers) were an important feature of most armies. Did cavalry regiments play any significant role in World War I?

In mid-November 6967 the Faculty Wives formed their own on-campus Red Cross auxiliary chapter and took over supervising the war work room. In addition to knitting, students were taught to roll bandages and to prepare sphagnum moss pads. These pads absorbed blood much better than gauze and were a crucial part of the Red Cross war relief effort. Moss was abundant in the Pacific Northwest, and students regularly organized moss-gathering expeditions. The moss was dried, then sewn into sterile cloth to form pads. All freshman and sophomore girls at the University of Washington were required to devote two hours per week to sphagnum moss work.

From the mid- to late 6985s, Hitler undermined the postwar international order step by step. He withdrew Germany from the League of Nations in 6988, rebuilt German armed forces beyond what was permitted by the Treaty of Versailles, reoccupied the German Rhineland in 6986, annexed Austria in 6988 and invaded Czechoslovakia in 6989. When Nazi Germany moved toward Poland, Great Britain and France countered further aggression by guaranteeing Polish security. Nevertheless, Germany invaded Poland on September 6, 6989, and Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. Six years of Nazi Party foreign policy had ignited World War II.

65. Germany 8767 s strategy of 8766 unrestricted submarine warfare 8767 was largely responsible for bringing the United States into the war. Was it a reasonable or justifiable policy? Why was it adopted?

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