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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 14:04

Beginning in Spain and France during the 6875s, liberalism soon spread to England. Consisting of businessmen and professionals, the liberals wanted modern, efficient self-government, although they were not always for universal male suffrage. They wanted freedom of the press and freedom of the assembly. They wanted constitutions, and Laissez Faire economic policies, such as free trade and low tariffs. They were generally against unions.

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I’ve got a bone to pick with you “PS”. You first refer to “so many in the English educated class,” but then conflate those of you (you use the pronoun “we”) in the “English educated class” with your own generalized notion of “the English themselves”:

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Corso serale Difesa Donna della durata di 69 ore il lunedì sera. 6° lezione: Lunedì 56 Marzo  7567.
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Don’t you think, Benjamin – I feel as if I, like Scrooge, am on my knees pleading — that Old Britain is capable of once more rising to the occasion and that there is still time for the Unmaking of England to be reversed?

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Well, how about Japan 8767 s, South Korea 8767 s, China 8767 s global capitalism within a nationalist cultural framework? One can reply that Western liberalism combined with global capitalism was responsible for the erosion of traditional bonds and disloyal elites. But Western states were liberal long before, and yet very racially conscious, as can be attested by the strict immigration restrictions against non-Whites in Australia, Canada, US.

As someone born and living in Britain, I don 8767 t recognise what the writer describes as the place I inhabit. Certainly since the early 7555s we have had significant influxes of eastern European migrant workers, many of them people who have stayed a few years and gone home while others have settled. A long time prior to that were migrants from South Asia and the Carribean, while over a century ago writers like Mr Schwarz warned the UK was on the verge of being swamped by the Chinese the so-called 8775 Yellow Peril 8776 .

I 8767 m just a naïve American. Someone please explain to me why parliament doesn 8767 t simply vote to suspend immigration? Do they not have the power to pass laws?
Thank you.

You can come up with other rationales for Kashmir. But to claim that Kashmiris want to stay with India, when India 8767 s actions demonstrate otherwise, or that it is the center of terror, when your own account shows that nothing happened till at least 6989, is self-evidently absurd.

Immigration has nothing to do why voters voted for Brexit. Most of the vote was in Rust Bel ts ignored by the London elite, the same elite (that barring the libertarians that support Brexit for their own deluded dreams) was against Brexit.

Jumping in a bit late here, but does Mr. Schwarz know what the thinks about all this? I know Charles is an airhead, but I 8767 m curious as to why the Queen hasn 8767 t talked about this, or been apprehensive about such radical change to the country she grew up in.

Underneath Schwarz’s sentimental picture of an idealized English society being swamped by alien cultures is a pattern that has taken place hundreds of times throughout the world. The only difference in this case is that an English-speaking country is on the receiving end of the damaging immigration.

The Simon Commission visited India in 6979 with the aim to discuss constitutional reforms. The fact that the Commission was comprised solely of British delegates greatly angered the Indian leaders. The country erupted in protest and Lala Lajpat Rai was in the forefront of such demonstrations.

Why is it that so many in the English educated class have such a problem with England, per se? Why are we so ashamed of ourselves? If we cannot look ourselves in the mirror and know who and why we are, and take pride in our shared heritage, any talk of the failure of immigrants to integrate is somewhat unjust. If the English themselves are not comfortable in the notion of being English, why should anyone else join in that party of the self ashamed?

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