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And I dare judge my cousin because she selfishly chose to knowingly deceive a man who clearly wanted children of his own, because he talked about it all the time! And all the while she knew couldn 8767 t have any she was dead wrong! I didn 8767 t say she had to announce it to the world, just her fiance 8767 . I guess it would be his private issue if he decided to step outside of their marriage and have a few kids on the side. She should have told him upfront, but again, that 8767 s a moral and a character issue. And if you think that a person should be loved and considered marriage material regardless of if they can bear children, gives them the right to be deceitful, that says a lot about you.

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It also makes for a pretty topsy-turvy world. I am a proudly queer, pansexual, polyamorous and kink-friendly transwoman. I 8767 ve had adventures most people only fantasize about. But it 8767 s gotten so the 8775 kinkiest 8776 thing I can imagine is a man who wants to take me out on the town, to dinner and a movie, and then take me home to maybe fool around on the couch a little. That is the thing that is unattainable for me.

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I 8767 m not sure about this. For a lot of people the trans label is really important to their identity and saying that post-transition trans women (or trans people in general) 8775 shouldn 8767 t 8776 identify as trans can come across as saying that identifying as trans is somehow less than not doing so. I think it would be better, really, to train people to just refer to individuals the way they want to be referred to, otherwise it 8767 s exactly the same phenomenon in reverse.

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I was born with an inter sex medical condition, and I am in fact a 8775 genetic woman, born woman, whatever 8776 but I have had to step into the shoes of MANY different types of people through my life.

Women come in all shapes sizes and experiences. Women from the trans community are indeed women. And miggzzybaby if you want to wear a mask and be treated like a monkey I 8767 m willing to put you in a cage and let you hang out with the other monkeys. Far be it for me to not do so.

When the question or topic of proper title or gender comes up, all the Trans women I know are ready to go in Mike Tyson style bite some one in the ear and punch them in the face. I cant be with somebody like that in public, This wild stuff outside of the bedroom is too much to deal with. You have to consider the lifestyle and career of some one before you expect to be taken into acceptance. There is so much vocabulary & terms that you girls prefer on an individual basis. I saw Isis King politely correct Howard Stern on his show. If Trans women are calling out society and wanting to be seen then come out into society like any one else. That would make dating one of you easier.

Taylor Murphy having been engaged to a trans woman makes him no less of a chaser in my opinion. That man likes his girlfriends packing and I ain 8767 t talking about luggage. But to each his own, but he 8767 s a chaser for sure. Being attracted to a beautiful woman is one thing, but not giving her a chance because she 8767 s cis-gendered is about as foul as not giving her a chance because she isn 8767 t cis-gendered!

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Going under the knife to change your physical appearance does not change what you were born as, nor does it change who you feel you are inside. You cant erase all that, but you can deny it if you choose to.

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