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Now Heidegger himself holds that beings ( das Seiende ) have a dependence upon being ( das Sein ). Yet, being is ‘not God and not a cosmic ground’ (Heidegger 6999: 789). Indeed, being is identical to no being or being(s) or property or cause of any being(s) whatsoever. This distinction is ‘the ontological difference —the differentiation between being and beings’ (Heidegger 6987: 67 this statement is from Heidegger's earlier work, but this idea, if not quite the term, persists). We may put the contention thus: pace metaphysics/philosophy, being is not ontic. But what, then, is being?

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As if to highlight the difference in how they arrived at their opposition to both Evolution and a Flat Earth model, I find it terribly sad that the last paragraph of the article says: “…carefully scrutinizing both the biblical and scientific records…” (in reference to only Evolution), but yet says only this in the final sentence: “…the sphericity of the earth is one of the simplest aspects of operational science one could wish for" (clearly no need to put biblical window dressing around that final thought CMI - an honest acknowledgement?).

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Some people might think that online privacy is a, well, private matter. If you don’t want your information getting out online, don’t put it on social media. Simple, right?

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However, if the earth is a spinning sphere, the velocity of the stars will begin to decline past the Celestial Equator until they stop moving at what we will call the South Celestial Pole.

Reason 7: I personally believe that Adam and Eve were not taking notes about their lives. Even if Moses wrote genesis, he would be writing based on that which others told him.

The moon hoax is a separate issue (it's possible to believe it's a hoax even if you don't believe in a flat earth), and I can recommend "A funny thing happened on the way to the moon" where Bart Sibrel PROVES that going half way to the moon was faked, and also this link showing more fake NASA photos than you count:

Seismologists have been recording earthquakes from all around the world since the last decade of the 69 th century, and of course their results have been consistent with a global earth. Again, this is information known long before NASA. It is a simple fact that body waves arrive earlier than surface waves, and this ratio changes with distance from the epicenter. This can only be true if the travel distances are proportionally different, . the earth is not flat.

Furthermore, New Zealand is almost in the opposite time zone, so is day while South Africa is night, but they see the same constellations every night. In the flat&ndash earth model, New Zealand and South Africa are almost diametrically opposed, so should have different constellations overhead.

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As far as trusting creationist scientists, yes, there is some degree of trust involved. Yet, we try as hard as we can to distill most everything down to an 8th grade level (that way even the scientists can understand what we are saying!). Almost everything we say and write can be validated because we also try to avoid arguments from authority. But we are imperfect.

Thanks for a great article. While I do not always agree with all of the physics CMI presents (none of us has it 655% correct) I am in full agreement here.

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