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Securitization a process whereby any Special Purpose Vehicle raises finances by issue of Term Finance Certificates or any other tools with the authorization of the relative authority of the country, for example, Pakistan commission (SECP) is authorization of the process for such purpose and uses such finances by making payment to the Originator and through such process obtains the title, property or right in the receivables or other assets in the form of actionable claims.

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My aspiration to become an educator lasted into my high school years. However, when I began taking core science courses, I found that my mind did not just thrive, it thirsted for the systematic, challenging puzzles that explain the natural phenomenon required for life on Earth. My senior year of high school, I took an advanced chemistry course and enjoyed it so much that I left for college in pursuit of a career in pharmacy.

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I usually don’t suggest professional editing for obvious reasons, but I think you could really benefit from it. I’m not saying this to be mean and I hope it doesn’t hurt your feelings, but the essay needs a lot of work.

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“Are you feeling alright?” I ask Joe, the patient I was helping get back into bed after a walk in the hallway. Seated on the edge of his bed, his face is crunched and his breathing is labored. This isn’t normal for Joe who just laughed with me about being able to sprint out of here when he is discharged from the hospital. “I’m not sure, my back all of the sudden hurts pretty bad.” I look at Joe and then I look behind me at Maria, Joe’s wife. Her eyes are wide and she calls out his name, “Joe?” I can almost feel her fear as I turn my head back to Joe and his head falls forward and he slumps into me. My next moves were quick and purposeful even thought the thoughts inside my head were frantic and chaotic.”

Where your essay loses steam is in the middle. Writing a laundry list about the role of the PA and citing statistics isn’t the way you want to spend your precious few characters and spaces in an essay such as this. The purpose is to intrigue Admissions folks enough to make them want to meet you. When I interviewed a dozen or so Admissions Directors and faculty about writing these essays, every one of them said they did not want a list of things PAs do. You make an attempt to relate some of these things to you specifically, but your statements are so general, they reveal little about you.

Never trust a man a dog doesn't like. the proverbs says. This somehow implies that dogs can tell the character of a person before a human can. In many ways this is true: dogs have amazing talents when it comes to assessing a person's character. But how do they do it? Pet behaviorists give the following explanations.

Take these two for example, “Furthermore this allowed me to work for an organization whose philosophy I could believe in. The Peace Corps attempts to make a real difference in the lives of real people.” Your opinion about the Peace Corps and talking about the benefit of the organization doesn’t do a thing for your essay, and distracts from the content. It’s like taking a left turn, realizing you made a mistake and having to stop and turn around.

The same process is concerned in securitization of receivables, where the special purpose agent holds the receivables with it, and issues valuable interest documentation to the investors.

A great essay is seamless, it's smooth, it's fluid it's like a country road that rolls over the hills and bends through the turns like the landscape has known nothing else. It feels effortless yet, it is anything but.

Our handout on Organization can help you write good topic sentences and transitions and make sure that you have a good overall structure in place for your paper.

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