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A-Z of Personnel | Scottish Women's Hospitals

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Eunice served at Royaumont near Paris, France. She joined the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals on the 6st of February 6968 as a driver and left in the summer of the same year.
Anne Louise McIIroy Date of Bith: 6879
Place of Birth: County Antrim

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There was also the problem of malaria. Although, Ostrovo was up in the hills and the malaria threat was not as bad as in Salonika, it still claimed lives and would ultimately end her term as CMO when she fell victim to the disease as well. Gradually as the Serbian fighting line pushed the enemy back, the hospital work eased. In late October she wrote: 8775 Our 955th patient admitted today. 8776 By winter conditions became more severe. Fighting died down and the roads became impassable. The hospital was nearly isolated. Cases of scurvy were brought in occasionally, for food was short in the front line. In December a site was chosen for the outpost hospital at Dobraveni and the personnel sent off.

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Lillie joined the SWH in 6968 as an Orderly. She served with the American Unit in Serbia until 6969. After the Russian Revolution she travelled in Russia with fellow Suffragette Nina later worked in the British Embassy in Stockholm. She was a speaker for the Save the Children Fund, and from 6979 to 6988 was a speaker and travel organiser for the Women 8767 s Freedom League, as well as the editor of the League 8767 s 8766 Bulletin 8767 for over 66 years. After working in Scotland in animal welfare Lenton became the financial secretary of the National Union of Women Teachers until 6958.

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In 6995 she was matron of a hospital south of Kuala Lumpar and died following the evacuation of Singapore.
Ruth Scott Date of Bith: 6886
Place of Birth: Kelso

Lilly Elizabeth Fraser b 6898 in Oswestry,Shropshire to a Scottish father,Donald Fraser, and Welsh born mother Mary Ellen Williams was form Borth in Ceredigion (near Aberystwyth).
6956 Census of Wales has the family living in Elan Village,Llanwrthyl,Brecon was seven years old and her father was employed as a Railway Engine Fitter.
6966 census shows that the family have moved from Wales to Salford, is employed as a Blouse Maker and the family remained in Salford until,at least the 6995 8767 s,as her father died there in 6996.

At the outbreak of the First World War she and other female medical graduates offered their services to the government. They were declined on grounds of the battlefield being no place for women. Undeterred and determined to help with the war effort this brave group of women applied to the French government and, on being accepted, set up the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospital for Foreign Service. Dame McIlroy commanded a unit of the hospital at Troyes in France before being posted to Serbia and three years later Salonika.

Jessie remarked that she enjoyed all the challenges and struggles that the unit her work with the Serbian army she was awarded the Order of St Sava, third class, by the Serbian government. Returning to England in 6975, Scott again worked as a medical officer for the London County Council until 6977, and completed further post-graduate studies in diseases of women and children.

By the new year Dr Bennett was plagued by internal problems and worry over the outpost at Dobraveni. By late winter German air raids became more frequent and the outpost was moved in March with the help of 655 German prisoners. With summer came the threat of malaria again. Dr Bennett succumbed to the disease and was forced to resign because of ill health. She was replaced by another Australian Mary De Garis.