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In the introduction, it is evident that you have inferred from the topic of the essay that 8766 post 6995 paradoxes 8767 refer to political developments as a result of LPG reforms. But it is a wrong inference.

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I may easily comprehend that the new approach of governance is now lacking the essence of democracy. Our President rightly observed that the 8 Ds of democracy . Discussion, Debate and Dissent is now followed by another D called Disruption. Parliament, which was once considered a forum for brainstorming ideas, is now disrupted by umpteen adjournments, slogans and demand to be heard first. This has led to derogation of parliamentary sessions and shear wastage of money. There is an ardent need to instill a moral and ethical character in those ruling our country to have relentless serving attribute. They are mere 8775 Sevaks 8776 and not the 8775 Master 8776 on whose whims and fancies the terms of democracy are dictated.

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The poor condition of building, laboratories and hostel facilities in colleges speaks a volume in itself. Though regulations are in place for providing infrastructure, colleges have been regularly flouting these regulations. Better infrastructure will enable a better studying environment and enhance the learning experience.

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On Tuesday, the Supreme Court refused to review the constitutionality of Thomas Arthur&rsquo s impending death by lethal injection, effectively clearing the way for Alabama to execute him. Only two justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer, would&rsquo ve considered Arthur&rsquo s constitutional claims. To emphasize her disgust with the court&rsquo s nondecision, Sotomayor penned a dissent, joined by Breyer, explaining why Alabama&rsquo s treatment of Arthur likely violates the Constitution. Her mordant opinion reaffirms her deep skepticism of lethal injection&rsquo s legality and cements her position as the court&rsquo s chief critic of state efforts to wriggle around the Constitution and inflict punishments that are almost certainly &ldquo cruel and unusual.&rdquo

Neeraj, though i am not an expert..but i would like to point out on a few things First, your introduction could have been more succinct by giving a broad overview and not go into details from d beginning..Then, you gave a a bit longer narrative of the economic transition under various PMs..UPSC seeks a concise,exact and effective expression..Adding to this i feel that one should not be personal in his references and be non partisan in 8776 Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s acumen in handling the pressure of 79 party alliance is commendable 8776 ..your argumetns seemed pro NDA..

In India, in early 7555s, there was a agitation which demanded for enactment of a legislation called Right to Information. It was spearheaded by a NGO. This legislation would bring about democratization of information and thus would ensure transparency and accountability in governance. This movement didn 8767 t see immediate success. But slowly and steadily it built up support both in government and among public, In 7555, the Right to Information Act was enacted. The current Lokpal agitation is similar to RTI agitation. So, even though presently it may seem the Lokpal movement has failed to achieve anything but in the ling run it will bear fruits.

Hearing argument of both sides appear pleasant to ears. But if both are right how can we reach to a consensus. No one is ready to go an inch behind and nature is left to suffer or call it- nature is asked to punish us. Developing countries impressed upon the fact that they have started providing their subjects the taste of development recently. So why should their subjects suffer on part of development for the deeds of someone else? Appears okay! Developed countries feel its improper to overload them with self-mitigation plus assisting developing and under developed nations.

After introduction you start dealing about the religions and how they gave birth to caste system etc. Fine, but in your introduction education is stressed and taking cue from the last sentence of your introduction, it is logical to mention Ambedkar 8767 s quote which brings immense value to your essay.

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